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Born a wee Scottish lassie into a traditionally religious family, Fiona questioned the fiery wrath of their vengeful god from an early age. In a childhood memory she recalls walking to the church perched atop the hillside. Peering through the gathered adults, she saw the Minister in his pulpit screaming that she was a sinner. That everybody was a sinner. Her question many years later was “Who made God? Who made this God who creates fear and trepidation in people?” It took her many years to release that fearful, vengeful God and realise the benevolent and gifting nature of the Divine/Universe. 

Each journey to joy begins with choosing the road to take you there and Fiona has walked an unusual and varied road.

As a natural performer she danced, sang, and acted her way through school and college. She attended the accredited Arts Educational School in London. With top grades and a Gold Medal in Dramatic Arts in Classical Acting Fiona has performed solo, in duos, and with bands across Europe. She danced cabaret in London for two years to get the coveted Equity card for professional Actors before deciding to travel. She even hopped on a cruise ship and worked in South America cruising up the Amazon to Manaus. She landed in paradise as a Disc Jockey at the Palace Hotel in the glorious Swiss Alps, where she lived and worked for many years.

Throughout her travels and various careers, she appeared to be thriving. Yet below the surface Fiona’s emotional issues and addictive behaviour led her to constantly search for something more and something different. Fiona’s current work springs from these foundational cracks in her own life. She always knew that existence didn’t have to be a constant monotonous struggle. She always knew there was something greater to be discovered. Her work today blossomed from this inherent kernel of knowledge. 

Fiona’s battle with emotional and health issues led her to seek alternative therapies. She studied voraciously to become a practitioner in many modalities. Each discovery thrilled her as she learned alternatives to this sick society’s overmedicated, undernourished standard of care. Energy medicine was clearly a healthier alternative! Her thirst for knowledge and wisdom attracted her to the most simplistic yet brilliant modalities and today she enjoys a career as an alternative therapist.

Fiona has worked in personal development and transformation for over 22 years. She has facilitated thousands of people in Europe and Australia through private sessions and workshops. She extends her expertise to those who have chosen to heal themselves, change their lives and living and embody their potential, gifts, and capabilities regardless of their history.

From a very early age Fiona’s, capacity to tune into the nonphysical realm was encouraged by her Nana, who had a keen interest in the occult. She blessed Fiona with her initial occult awareness and continues to inspire her from the other side. In her 20s, known for her unorthodox approach to life, she was invited to tell fortunes at a dinner party. Even she was amazed at what came out of those readings and she began to read regularly for others. She soon landed a job as a clairvoyant at the historic Occult Shop, Mysteries in Covent Garden, London.

However, it wasn’t until 2000 when she was travelling in Australia and visited the Red Centre on the Winter Solstice that she was awakened to the full potency of her gifts and capacities. There she had dreams and communed with energies that had previously remained dormant. She quantum leapt in her relationship with the Source of her Being, Spirit and her work changed accordingly.

Throughout her life Fiona has been very aware of other peoples energy and frequently felt like she was drowning. For a long time she didn’t know how to deal with this as it permeated her totally through her strong sensitivity and awareness. She could see the energy and issues of those in her midst, and even read their thoughts which often did not correspond to what was coming out of their mouths! It was alarming at times and for many years she dumbed and numbed herself down so she didn’t have to deal with it directly.

She has always loved to make people laugh especially when they couldn’t help it. To-date in her classes she does her best to create joy. When she is teaching a class and sends everyone into peals of laughter, something intrinsically changes with the synaptic connections of the brain and the integration of imparted information. On a more personal level, laughter got her through this life; finding the upside in the midst of difficulties, laughing at the craziness of this reality and all the stuff we get caught up in. 

Fiona has a plethora of modalities to utilise with you during your session. She knows no two people are the same, as are no two sessions. Using her psychic gifts she will access whichever processes, trainings, or techniques will assist you to whatever you are willing to change on the day. The number of sessions required depend on your willingness to change, your willingness to create something different, and the level of change you are willing to receive! 

Fiona has an extensive background in the following transforming modalities: 

  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

  • Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

  • Access Consciousness Body Process Facilitator

  • ESB Energetic Synthesis of Being

  • Touch For Health – Kinesiology

  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

  • Matrix Reimprinting

  • Psychic Mediumship

  • Reiki 

  • Spiritual Healing 

  • Swedish Body Massage Therapist

  • Lightwave Practitioner

  • Advanced EFT Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Certified Hypnotherapy

  •  Marma Therapy Ayeurvedic Practise 


As a professionally trained classical actress, Fiona is a potent facilitator and uses a unique combination of skills to get people out of their past and into creating their future.

One of her more unusual gifts is the ability to exist in both the physical and nonphysical worlds. She communicates directly with Spirit and her Benevolent Beings, dear ones that have accompanied her through life. Using this gift she has given many solace after a loved one has passed over. She is also discovered a gift to write songs for those in Spirit and perform the song at their funeral. The healing that occurs through these songs is extraordinary and she does not take credit for them; she knows it was Divine inspiration.

Sessions may be in person, via the telephone, or via skype/video chat depending on your needs. Fiona is an inspirational speaker and transformational coach who has touched thousands of lives with her straight forward, no-nonsense approach to life, lots of wisdom, and the tools of Access Consciousness®. She has created the life of her dreams and continues to play with the magic of possibility through ease, joy, lightness, and fun!

She currently resides in South East Queensland on a Nature Reserve with her husband and their little dog Dash. From their Nature Reserve and Retreat in the country she offers one-on-one sessions, couples sessions, and group retreats from half a day to weekend intensives. When she is not facilitating or creating you will find her travelling with her husband recording and filming birds and other creatures, bush walking, singing to the land, and enjoying the latest book about the creative edge of consciousness. Keeping her fingers and toes dipped in the performing arts, she is an active member of the amazing Suncoast Repertory Theatre Company and regularly performs touring the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

She is currently creating a body of work that is going to truly create dynamic change.

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