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Turn left at the Bougainvillea , and be ready for your whole world to change. The contribution that nature be at Mt Walsh Bush Retreat is breathtaking. Blue skies, flowing rock pools and a beautiful green vista. How does it get any better than that?


Let down your guard and immerse yourself in one of Fiona's fully catered classes or retreats. Or come and relax. Allow yourself to just be, in a 2 bed-roomed en-suite cabin with adjoining camp kitchen. 

Watch the sunrise. Listen to the birds. Bathe in the rock pools and enjoy the beauty that Mt Walsh be. Millions of stars... they shine brighter here. 

Last November, I was lucky enough to attend and dive whole-heartedly into '5 Days to Change' with Fiona McDonald Baylis at Mt Walsh Bush Retreat. There aren't enough words to thank the gorgeously kind beings who allowed me to be so very vulnerable - who helped me to come back to who I truly be and question 'what else is possible'. 

The beginning of something different. Choosing for me, for the first time in life times -  waking to a symphony of birds like no other - I left powerful, brave, and strong enough to fly amongst them. Thank you Fiona, for all that you be - for creating such possibility in my world.

- Shayna Fernando QLD

Ah the serenity! Each time I've visited the Bush Retreat, it's felt a bit like returning home. It is such a beautiful spot to relax and just be. I also highly recommend visiting the nearby Utopia Falls while you're there. They remind me of the Kimberley, just so ruggedly beautiful. Enjoy!

-Elizabeth Moore

I had a magical experience at Mt Walsh Bush Retreat thanks to the thoughtful and heartwarming hospitality of Fiona and Tony. I arrived timid and unsure of myself. I moved forward with a new found confidence and began to embrace the uniqueness of me with complete vulnerability. On the days I don't want to get out of bed and face the day I recall the beauty of Mt Walsh and the way I felt when I was there.. expansive, courageous and determined to choose a joyful life. I have much gratitude for all that I received.
-Shan Ryziuk QLD

There is no better place on God's earth than Mt Walsh Bush retreat.I have spent many hours here and miss it so much when I am away.The people are so friendly and the peace and nature you will experience is sublime.
-Michael Healey

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