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What would it be like to truly receive you, and all of your acknowledge all your brilliance, because you ARE brilliant! What would it take?

Fiona McDonald Baylis invites you to OUTRAGEOUSLY RECEIVING- the five quintessential keys to creating everything you desire in your life and living!


  • O.R. Exercise - a gift in receiving all of you, a special one-off exercise recorded amongst the beauty of Mt Walsh Bush Retreat.

Please be sure to listen to the intro first, so as not to unleash your Outrageously Receiving self on the not-yet-ready universe


BHEEMC's Body Entity Clearing Call

Clearing the auto pilot that runs your body creates more ease in many aspects of your life and living. It also allows you to run your body the way you choose... how does it get better than that ? Filled with information and clearings to create ease.

Fiona McDonald Baylis invites you to 'Clearing the Body Entity of BHCEEMC's'.

  • BHCEEMC's The Body Entity - The Telecall



Unstick Your Stuck and Flow

Do you ever get into a sticky patch and just can’t shift it?

Then the 90 minutes of this intense clearing session is just for you !



Money Becomes You

Money Becomes you is a fast and full on clearing session to cut the ties binding you to lack and less so you can choose to become the energy of money and invite more into your world.

3 hours - 2 part telecall



Being the 5 Elements of Intimacy

The five elements invite you a more profound intimacy with yourself and others. It creates clarity about what intimacy truly is.

3 hours - 2 part telecall


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