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Clear the unacknowledged energies that are stopping you from breaking through that glass ceiling. Create the space you require to step into the brilliance you be. 

Sessions and SuperSpecial Packages 

Discovery Session - 10 minutes complimentary  

  • Due to current circumstances... Fiona is offering a sliding scale for you...Please contact Fiona for a session

A beautiful testimony from T in Queensland, after just one session.

"Awake at early hours of the morning wondering if my daughter was going to be with us for another day ... I was at a lose, not knowing what to do next, how to react or what tool to use next. My own mental health was heading south along with heart was broken and I couldn't think clearlyAfter sharing what was going on in my life with my close friend Fiona, she gifted me a session to clear and unblock the underlying issues that were preventing us from moving forward and creating a new reality. An intense one on one session in front of a toasty fire, Fiona worked with the energy using many of her modalities and also managed to work remotely with my daughter as well during the session.We are now 1 year on and the transformation in my daughter and myself is amazing .. We are both leaping ahead in giant bounds. My daughters mental health has balanced out and is a different lady and I am creating abundance with my business and my personal life. From the bottom of my heart, I have so much gratitude for this creator of magic and my friend Fiona. You helped us out of what seemed like a bottomless pit into new possibilities and a relationship that is going from strength to strength. BIG love always" -T

Fiona's Serum Sessions are wonderfully potent and unlike anything else.What might that create for you? What would it take to step into your infinite being? What else is possible in your life and living beyond your wildest imagination?


Calls will take place via zoom or telephone. $200AUD per 60min session.

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