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The Art of Choice and Change

What would it take for your life to flow and grow how you desire?


The essentials of wellbeing with you and your body.

Ten keys to freedom

Applying Anyone  of these amazing keys and you’re whole life will change.

Unveiling the mystery of the other side

Learning to work with Spirit or not!

The Elemental Kingdom and You

Ease and joy comes through awareness of being a part of the whole.

The Art of Dating 

Mr Right or Mrs Wrong? Clearing the relationship enigma.

The ET Factor or Distractor

What are they and what part do they play in relation to us and the planet?

Magical mansions and beyond

Creating the energy of house and home extraordinaire.

Creating Magic with Money!

All the Jazz and judgements that either create or bring abundance.

Interested in hosting one of these magical classes? What are the infinate possibilities?

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